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Easy Start Up
Welcome and thank you for visiting
The aim of this website is to provide clear and easy to understand information for people who practice non-violence towards animals. In other words, people who follow vegetarian and vegan diets.
A few steps to help get the most from your visit:
1. All our lists have three columns beside them that tell you if the item is OK for your diet.
2. You need to decide which of the categories shown below best describes your diet:
a) No meat or fish (inc by-products e.g. gelatine) but eat eggs and dairy: lacto-ovo-vegetarian - on our lists as: Eggy

This is the assumed norm when 'suitable for vegetarians' is found on food labels

b) No meat, fish (inc by-products e.g. gelatine) or eggs, but eat dairy: lacto-vegetarian- on our lists as: Veggie

Although reasons vary, normally concerns about welfare of birds when eggs are
mass-produced in factory farms. For more info see this page: Ethical Issues.

c) No animal products: vegan - on our lists as: Vegan

'is a person who avoids the ingestion or use of animal products. An animal product in this context refers to the body parts of an animal or any substance derived from an animal.' source  


3. From then on, when you look at our lists, if there is a star * beside your chosen product in your column then its OK for your diet.  Some pages have now been updated with the new or beside each product to hopefully make listings clearer.

4. Just click on the brand names on the Home page to see specific lists.
5. Use the Master Search to look up items from all the pages.
6. Use the Search function on your browser; Edit >Find (Ctrl F) to search the individual pages.
7. If you are lost you can always get back to the start page on the site by clicking Home in the menu at the top of your screen or you can click the symbol which is in the top right corner of every page.
We hope you enjoy your visit!
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