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Giving up smoking
Advice for letting go of nicotine.
As an aspiring ex-smoker you have two monsters inside you that you want to let die. The first, a little monster in your belly which is the actual nicotine withdrawal. The second, a bigger monster in your mind which convinces you that you need to smoke and that you can't stop, at least not today.

The little monster will die simply if it doesn't get fed. So if you give it no more nicotine, it will stop hassling you. The pangs will subside in stages for most people and after three short weeks your body will lose the need for nicotine completely.

What about the big monster that's in the mind? This apparent need to smoke is in actual fact an illusion. Nicotine only serves to feed itself. The only thing that follows from one cigarette is another cigarette. So when you smoke you take in a certain amount of nicotine. As soon as you put out your cigarette the nicotine in your body starts to go down and the withdrawal builds again. If you are forced to wait beyond your normal smoking time you become uncomfortable. Yet you can sleep all night without being awoken by the urge to smoke!

When you decide to stop there is no point in turning to substitutes, be they nicotine gum or other things. The best approach seems to be the positive affirmation that; once you've decided you're not going to smoke anymore - whenever you think about it, or feel the withdrawal, say to yourself "YES, I'm a non-smoker, I'm free from the ball and chain. YIPPEE". No more suffering as a helpless smoker. Freedom. From day one simply enjoy life as a non-smoker.

For more information on giving up smoking check out Alan Carr's The Easy way to Stop Smoking.

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