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Quick and Easy Cooking - Pasta
This method makes pasta for two people.
1 Get about 250 grams of pasta (half a 500g pack - regular supermarket size).
2 Boil up about three inches of water in a bigish saucepan (add a little salt to the water).
3 While the water is boiling chuck in the pasta. Gve it a quick stir to make sure it doesn't stick to the pan or itself.
4 Bring this back to the boil again and then turn down to simmer. Don't cover the pan.
5 Check it every few minutes with a quick stir with your wooden spoon.
6 After 10 mins it should be nearly cooked but after 12-13 mins it should be ready.
7 You can test it by taking out one piece and cutting it with the edge of a fork. If it cuts through then the pasta is ready.
8 Simply tip the contents of your saucepan into a colander or sieve and leave for 2 mins to drain.
9 You can use a little olive oil to stir in with the pasta to stop it sticking but if you don't over cook it you should be OK without the oil. Low fat diets - no oil.
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