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Quick and Easy Cooking - Baked Potato
This method makes beautiful baked potatoes for one or more people.
1 Get one large or two medium size potatoes (not new potatoes) per person.
2 Put your oven on to 190C to heat up.
3 Scrub the potatoes clean, dig out any black bits or other dodgy looking bits.
4 Dry off the potatoes thoroughly.
5 Put them onto a backing tray, puncture some holes in the skin with a fork.
6 You can rub a little olive oil onto the potato for extra flavour and crispiness.
7 When your oven is up to temperature put in the baking tray on the middle shelf and bake for about one and a half hours.
8 Check your potato to see if its cooked by stabbing it with a sharp knife. If the knife comes out easily and smoothly the potato is cooked. You can also check by squeezing the potato.
9 Cut open your potato and cover with your choice of topping.
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