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Health Issues
Special Dietary Concerns for Vegetarians
Iron Vitamin B12
Iron is important for red blood cells and general good health. Good sources of iron are bread, pulses, green leafy vegetables, dried fruit, fortified breakfast cereals. This is synthesised naturally from foods and may only be a problem if you avoid all animal products completely. If you need it you can take a supplement or look for foods fortified with B12.
Zinc Essential Fatty Acids
Dairy produce is a rich source of zinc but even if you don't take dairy serious nutritional deficiencies are rare in Britain. It seems that the body naturally adjusts to the lower levels of zinc taken as a vegetarian than as a meat-eater. These fats appear to help reduce the risk of heart disease and some inflammatory disorders. They can be got from sunflower seeds, linseed (flaxseed), Soya oil, and rapeseed oil.
Calcium is essential for healthy bones. If you don't take dairy products then Soya milk and also most white bread is fortified with calcium.
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